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About me

You must be wondering who the groomer is that you want to entrust your dog to. In order to answer this quite legitimate question - after all, this is about your darling - I would like to introduce myself to you and your four-legged friend.
My name is Viktoriia and I work as a hairdresser for your dog. I have a Maltese named Louis. My love for grooming and hair cutting started with him. This is how the name of our dog salon came about. Louis and Viktoriia turned out to be Luivi together. It is important to me that your darling feels calm and carefree when washing, blow-drying, combing and cutting, that's why I always treat animals lovingly and caringly, I find my own approach for every four-legged friend. I generally do not use anesthetics or medication during work. Active animals can be beautified with the help of an assistant or the owner.

I like to learn new things and do professional haircuts, so I constantly improve my skills and get training from the best hairdressers from different countries. I did my first education in the city of St. Petersburg in one of the big schools that train masters from all over the country. There I learned the first basics of grooming:
- Types of dog hair;
- The right choice of tools
- The correct application of cosmetologists
- Safety rules when working with animals
- Hygiene and sterilization

The classic clipping of popular dog breeds such as Spitz, Yorkie, Maltese, Bichon Frize, Poodle, Spaniel and trimming of rough-haired dog breeds such as Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier and Scotch Terrier were also taught.

Also in the last year I have also carried out the following training courses:
- Model Yorkshire Terrier grooming
- Asian-style long hair care
- Shih Tzu grooming
- Modern poodle salon grooming
- Wirehaired dog breed grooming.

I also follow the latest and most popular trends in dog grooming worldwide, as well as hair and skin care, so your pet is always beautiful and happy.