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Services grooming Luivi

We, Grooming Luivi, are the dog hairdresser for all dogs. With us you get what you want. We wash and blow-dry, clip nails, brush, trim and clip your loved one. A new stylish hairstyle should not be missing from the whole thing.
  • О
    First of all, hygiene measures are carried out for all dog breeds, e.g.: cleaning the ears, cleaning the eyes and tear ducts, clipping the claws, we never forget the fifth claw on your dog's front paw. Depending on the dog breed, we also offer butt and groin trimming, paw pad trimming and matting removal.

  • Б
    After that, we proceed to the bathing procedure. The dog is always washed only with professional cosmetics, taking into account the condition of the coat and skin. First, your pet gets a clarifying shampoo to wash the main dirt out of the fur, then a special professional shampoo that is tailored to its fur type to give the fur shine and volume. Then we apply a balm or mask to restore the structure and elasticity of the hair. The balm additionally protects the pet's fur from dirt, prevents inflammation and peeling of the skin. In addition, the balm keeps the coat well-groomed and healthy.
  • С
    After a long bath, the main moisture is dried with a towel. After this part, the fur is blow-dried using a compressor specially made for dogs. We also use a small hairdryer for shy and small dogs. Drying is always carried out as gently as possible, since the quality of the haircut, the condition of the animal's skin and coat depends on it.
  • С
    After carrying out all the basic procedures, depending on the owner's wishes and taking into account the breed type of the dog, we perform a haircut or fur trimming. If you wish, you can get a creative color for your animal and a hair bow. Each four-legged friend also receives an elegant bow tie as a gift. We carry out hygienic tooth cleaning for prevention for all age groups and dog types. You can bring your dog to us from a young age so that he can get used to the procedures and enjoy this process in the future.
Puppy training

Discover our unique services for your puppy's first grooming experience!

Our special training helps your young four-legged friend to become familiar with the different tools and new sounds. We take the time to ensure a positive introduction to grooming and are available to answer your questions and provide further information.

Let’s work together to ensure your puppy has a pleasant first grooming experience! We look forward to lovingly caring for your puppy and giving you helpful tips for the future care experience.

We carry out hygienic tooth cleaning for prevention for all age groups and dog types. You can bring your dog to us from a young age so that he can get used to the procedures and enjoy this process in the future. Good dog grooming is very important and will help keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy. A happy dog makes us happy and, most importantly, you too